The EMBRACE workplan consists of:

  • 5 Research work packages (WP1 – WP5)
  • 1 Management work package (WP6)
  • 1 Transfer of Knowledge and Training work package (WP7)
  • 1 Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation work package (WP8)

Research WPs:

Design and system engineering of the new mobile and wireless dry EEG system (M1-M44)


  1. Novel dry sports electrodes with adjustable shape and flexibility;
  2. Individualizable cap for sports EEG with wireless data transmission;
  3. Novel quality control device for cap fit & cap
  4. Novel 3D-printed head phantoms for the different head shapes designed on statistical data.

Task 1.1. Novel dry sports electrodes

Task 1.2. Individualizable cap for wireless sports EEG

Task 1.3. Novel quality control device for cap fit & cap

Task 1.4. Novel 3D-printed head phantoms

HW and SW solutions for multimodal body-network sensors and inter-device data alignment (M1-M44)Objective: Find a suitable solution for the alignment of recordings performed with multiple devices during joint action.

Task 2.1. Multimodal body-network sensors and electronics

Task 2.2. Inter-device data alignment

New analytical solutions for motion artefacts correction and multilevel analysis of multimodal dyadic joint action data (M3-M48)Objective: Develop new analytical solutions for the pre-processing and multi-level analysis of the multimodal joint action data.

Task 3.1. Analytical solutions to remove noise and motion-related artefacts

Task 3.2. Methods for the Neural level of analysis

Task 3.3. Methods for the Cognitive-behavioural level of analysis

Task 3.4. Methods for the Social level of analysis

New dyadic joint action paradigm and Pilot testing (M3-M19)Objective: Define a new study paradigm for the multimodal investigation of joint action

Task 4.1. Definition of the new study paradigm

Task 4.2. Pilot testing

Technical verification and applicative validation of the novel dry EEG system, multimodal alignment system and analytical methods by full data collection (M16-M48)Objective: Validating the new technology and analytical methods by full collection of multimodal data

Task 5.1. Technical verification of the integrated multimodal solution

Task 5.2. Initial validation of the novel HW and SW modules

Task 5.3. Final validation of the novel HW and SW modules

Management WP:

Management of the EMBRACE project (M1-M48)Objective: To manage the organizational and financial aspects of the EMBRACE project.

Task 6.1. Organization and management of the EMBRACE activities

Task 6.2. Reporting to the REA

Task 6.3. Risk evaluation and control

Transfer of Knowledge and Training WP:

EMBRACE Transfer of Knowledge and Training (M1-M48)Objective: To perform specific actions (other than SB meetings, and forums on the EMBRACE website) dedicated to realizing training and transfer of knowledge among Beneficiaries.

Task 7.1. EMBRACE secondment plan

Task 7.2. EMBRACE training events

Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation WP:

EMBRACE Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation (M1-M48)


  1. To perform specific actions to disseminate and communicate the EMBRACE project and its results toward the specialist and the general public;
  2. To perform specific actions to exploit the EMBRACE results.

Task 8.1 Dissemination activities directed at the specialist public

Task 8.2 Communication activities directed at the general public

Task 8.3. Exploitation of results

Task 8.4. International EMBRACE conference