The scientific and technological objectives of the EMBRACE project are to develop:

  1. A new mobile and wireless dry electrode EEG system suitable for monitoring brain activity during full body movements;
  2. Novel body-network sensors and a multimodal alignment system for the simultaneous recording of neural, physiological and kinematic signals from two interacting subjects;
  3. Novel analytical solutions for motion artefact removal and multi-level analysis of multimodal data;
  4. A new research dyadic paradigm to exploit the technological advances.

To achieve these objectives, the EMBRACE consortium will realize extensive intersectoral transfer of knowledge and experience through shared research, secondments and summer schools, promoting the research capacity and competitiveness of its partners and becoming a lasting EU network promoting basic and applied biomedical research. EMBRACE will also promote the communication and dissemination of its results to a broader audience, highlighting the importance of research in biomedical engineering for the society at large.