1st EMBRACE Summer School: tEchnology for Multimodal inter-BRain dynAmiCs investigation

June 28-30, 2022 | Madrid (Spain) & Online

Registration Deadline: 20/06/2022

The 1st EMBRACE Summer School is a joint initiative of EMBRACE consortium, an MSCA-RISE funded project which involves the following European universities and industries: University of Chieti-Pescara “G. d’Annunzio” (ITA); Technical University of Ilmenau (GER); Complutense University of Madrid (SPA); Eemagine Medical Imaging Solutions GmbH (GER); BTS Bioengineering SpA (ITA); Brainvestigation S.L. (SPA).


The 1st EMBRACE Summer School is going to be a hybrid event:

  • in person (restricted to 50 attendees, between speakers, EMBRACE members and general audience), all lectures will take place at the Sports Medicine School at the Faculty of Medicine of the Complutense University of Madrid (Madrid, Spain);
  • online, the streaming of all Summer-School activities and discussions will be held through the Teams platform.


The 1st EMBRACE Summer School will address, in a multi-scale, interdisciplinary, and integrated approach the inter-brain dynamics underlying the human ability to perform joint actions. More specifically, we will cover the following topics:

  • Neural, physiological, and kinematic correlations of joint action
  • Research paradigms to study joint action
  • EEG-hyperbrain scanning during full body movements
  • Simultaneous recording of neural, physiological, and kinematic signals from two or more interacting subjects
  • Analytical solutions for motion artifact detection and removal
  • Multi-level analysis of multimodal data (with a especial focus on the neural level of analysis)

Furthermore, it will contain keynote lectures by international experienced scientists as well as short educational courses from a diverse array of researchers to cover important matters in the context of EMBRACE project’s topics, such as:

  • open science
  • research methods and best practices
  • translation to policy making
  • gender awareness.

Moreover, the industry partners involved in the EMBRACE project will perform demonstrations on some of their products and/or the research projects they are currently developing.

The Summer School is structured as a relaxed and stimulating study retreat. We believe this first Summer School would have an impact on students and scientists at any stage of their career –both attending on site and connecting remotely from all over the world–, promoting new ideas for research projects in sport medicine, physical activity, neuroscience, movement science, cognitive and social psychology, hyperbrain scanning, biomedical engineering, signal processing, and neurophysiological research, among other topics. This event will be a unique opportunity to facilitate collaborations between academia and industry, stimulating different scientific and research careers.

Conclusions, procedures, and applications extracted from the EMBRACE project could be applied in the near future to continue the study of human interaction and joint action in real life, to promote and maximize experiments in ecological settings –from schools to dance companies or music ensemble rehearsals–, and could even be applied to clinical contexts, such as during motor or language rehabilitation or socialization interventions in clinical population (e.g., stroke patients, children with autism spectrum disorder).


Confirmed speakers include:

  • Dr. Edson Filho (Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development, USA), expert in sport, exercise, and performance psychology, with a focus on human excellence and sports performance optimization at both the individual and group levels of analyses.
  • Dr. Vittorio Sanguinetti (University of Genova, Italy), expert in the fields of neural and computational motor control and motor learning, mechanisms underlying physical interpersonal interaction, and applications of robotics for neuromotor rehabilitation.
  • Dr. Patrique Fiedler (Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science, TU Ilmenau, Germany), mainly expert in biosignal processing, and biomedical and instrumentation engineering with a specific expertise in electrode and sensor technology.
  • Dr. Spase Petkoski (Institute of Systems Neurosciences, Marseille, France), expert in the study of synchronization and emergent dynamics, and in their application to modeling large-scale brain dynamics.

The final program can be downloaded here.


Regular updates, summarized content, and ‘take-home messages’ from the lectures and educational courses presented during the Summer School will be shared on EMBRACE’s social media profiles almost on real time, and at the end of the Summer School. So, even if you cannot attend, follow us on social media and don’t miss out on the interesting discussions!

We are certain that the EMBRACE project and its linked Summer School are of the outmost international relevance at both the scientific and educational levels and will help in raising awareness about the neuroscientific and inter-sectoral research that is being developed in the countries involved in this project, and throughout Europe.

Registration is free but mandatory. Please, note that in-person attendance is reserved for the first 30 participants applying for that modality. Click the button below and fill the registration form if you are interested in joining us! And do not hesitate in contacting us at embrace.summerschool@gmail.com if you have any doubt concerning this event.